Limo – The Safest Way to Travel To and From the Airport

Ok, so I know that I really don’t trust airport security as explained in my last post. But there are times when you need to catch a flight. Going overseas for instance.

In most cases no other mode of transport will do. You need to fly. But getting to and from the airport presents a few options.

Now I know that you could choose a taxi, shuttle bus, get a lift off a friend or family or drive yourself. However if you drive yourself you need to leave the car at the airport parking. Not a safe option if you ask me. Thieves know that cars are left in those long stay car parks for weeks at a time so they present easy targets.

Getting a lift off a trusted friend or family member may be the best option for you however this is not always an available option. Especially if you are visiting a new city or your friends and family are caught up with other commitments.

As for a taxi or shuttle bus I just have my concerns with some of the operators of these vehicles. For one they are normally working long hours and may be fatigued, not the safest option for you.

By far my top choice for an airport transfer is a limo. A limo can be anything from a sophisticate sedan to a stretch limousine. The companies operating limo airport transfers are normally reputable and reliable. Also I have not met a chauffeur that is not honest, committed and dedicated to his work that I would not trust. I believe this is by far the safest way to travel either to or from the airport.

Airport Transfer

Once you get to the airport you are on your own. Make sure you choose a reliable company to fly with. I will cover more on that later.