New Year and More Car Crashes..

Well Happy New Year to you all. A little late I know. But what can I say… I’ve been busy. Enjoying the festivities with my family and friends. I mean what else is a man supposed to do over the silly season.

Sure the whole gift giving and spending time with those you care about it great. Even packed on a few extra kilos with all the food and grog that was drunk over the last couple of months. But hey. It was worth it I reckon..

Anyways back to today’s post.

Now I know that the news channels always seem to talk about the worst events that have occurred during the day. Serioulsy! When was the last time you heard the news stations talking about all the good that happened in the days events. No! Just misery and disasters.

So what do you think I saw on the telly when I turned it on just after the holiday season? Yep you guessed it. Road Tolls. And low and behold the numbers had increased from last year.

Wrecked car

Now I know that the population is increasing and all. So what they should really report on is what is the percentage of road deaths due to car crashes compared to the number of cars on the road. You see I have a theory that the percentage of car accidents is not actually increasing. Heck it could even be decreasing but as our population grows there are more people on the road hence more car crashes.

Now I would love for car crashes to be eliminated altogether but we don’t live in a perfect world, so you just need to face the facts that it ain’t gonna happen. Instead we need to just accept the fact that there will always be car crashes and deaths on our roads. Holiday season or not. Drink driving or not. I mean, when are they gonna start having a system to check if a driver is too tired to drive. They don’t!

So anyway that is my rant for today. Take care out there people. There are car crashes everyday so make you are not the one responsible and watch out for the looney drivers who shouldn’t be on the roads!