Why Air Bags Are Important and how They Work

In the past, there have been a massive recall of vehicles for failed parts. Airbags are an imperative part of the car as they help in case of a huge impact. This is one reason that has seen a recall of cars especially when they have botched inflators. An airbag enhances car safety that is the reason it must be properly functional. Statistics show that many people get seriously injured while others die when airbags fail to deploy. 

How they Work

In case of an impact and the airbag is deployed, it should deflate by the time it hits your head. If it fails, the injury will be immense as it could break your neck and in worst scenarios, you lose your life. Since it’s possible for the airbag to get supple when it’s still inside the dashboard, manufacturers use talcum powder and cornstarch. Alternatively, they use silicone coatings.

For them to be effective, they inflate fast in case of collision and also deflate quite fast. This lowers the effect of the impact protecting not only your face and head, but also the neck.

What Leads to Death When Airbags Deploy

An airbag could fail to deploy or when it deploys, it releases shrapnel with as much force as they inflate. This is what does the deadly damage. The force they come with, they penetrate the skin deep and the victim experiences internal damages. They could bleed to death as a result. It is said that when you look at the victim, they will appear as if they have been shot or stabbed repeatedly. 

What to Keep in Mind

It is important to note that airbags should not be a safety belt replacement. It’s easy to think that you are safe as long as the car is new and airbags are in place. Not all impacts will have the airbag deployed. Thus, it’s important that you have your safety belt on regardless of how short the driving distance is or there are no other cars on the road.

Airbags are crucial in every car as they enhance safety particularly in case of a head-on collision or a bad accident. They protect the neck, the forehead and the chest. For them to function properly, they should deploy with ease, inflate and deflate fast. This is the effectiveness that saves those in the front of the car.