The Top 5 Causes of Vehicle Rollovers

A rollover is one of the most dangerous consequences of a car accident. When a vehicle rolls over off the road, into a ditch, or onto the property, you and people around you can be in serious danger. When a rollover happens, your concern should be with the safety of all individuals not involved, not what will happen to your vehicle. Let a towing service take care of that part.

It would be wise for all drivers to know the causes of rollovers. These are some of the top reasons that a vehicle may roll over.

Vehicle Model

Every type of vehicle is in danger of rolling over. However, certain vehicles have a much higher risk. SUVs and vans tend to be top-heavy, which means that they carry a large amount of weight above the center of the vehicle. This can make them more likely to roll over when making a hard turn, driving too fast, or being involved in a crash.

Dangerous Speeds

According to the US Department of Transportation, 40 percent of fatal vehicle rollovers can be attributed to excessive speeding. Driving above the speed limit might seem like a good idea if you are in a hurry, but it puts your life at serious risk. Remember that just because you are driving safely, you cannot rule out an accident. Another driver’s error can be fatal to you if you are speeding.

Driving under the Influence

When you drive under the influence of alcohol, your coordination, reflexes, vision, and overall sense of judgment will be limited. This is even true if you have consumed a small amount of alcohol. Those who can be considered intoxicated are at much greater risk of being in a rollover crash or causing other drivers to roll over.

Road Conditions

If you are driving in wet, dirty, or messy roads, you can be more likely to lose control of your vehicle and roll over. Icy conditions are responsible for a large number of rollover crashes. Drive with extreme caution in harsh weather and try to avoid driving at all if heavy rains or ice are on the road. Be aware that hazards like potholes or garbage on the road can also cause you to lose control.

Absence of Barriers

Rural roads are the sites of the majority of rollover accidents. This is because rural roads do not have dividers or barriers on the road. While these barriers may seem like they are purely for appearance, they are effective in preventing rollovers. This is because your vehicle will hit the barrier and stop, rather than continuing off the road or rolling over.

Be aware of these 5 common causes of rollover crashes. Remember that other people’s behavior can be responsible for your vehicle rolling over. Drive defensively, be cautious, and be sure to have contact information for you tow truck in case your vehicle needs to be recovered from an accident site.

Discover How Safe/Unsafe Driverless Cars Really Are

The future is certainly upon us.

Tesla is about to release the Model 3 to the masses, their latest model of self-driving cars. This model will be armed with Tesla’s Autopilot semi-self-driving technology. When it was first unveiled, the forward-thinking American automaker company was confident enough to say that they expect the model to get a five-star rating in all of NHTSA’s safety categories. They have a reason for this confidence since their past models, the Model S and Model X, scored the same.

But as history, film, and literature have taught us over the years, technological advances do not always equal utmost safety. The vehicle may get a reassuring five-star rating, but who’s to say that it will never malfunction? Keep in mind, you’re practically submitting your life to a machine.

To give you an idea of how risky driverless cars can be, here are some of the risks of having them on our roads:

Caution Autonomous CarDriverless cars may not be as technologically-advanced as we think.

MIT professor John Leonard argues that, as hi-tech as driverless cars can be, there are still certain aspects of driving (heavy traffic, dangerous weather, hand gestures, unusual road surfaces and so on) that driverless cars can’t pick up on. With that in mind, having a car on the road with human drivers can lead to accidents.

Driverless cars won’t mix well with human drivers

Driverless cars can be taught to at least handle human drivers – it’s human drivers who won’t be equipped to handle driverless cars. With the technology they possess, driverless cars are extremely expensive. That means if you own one and you drive it out to a highway, you’re going to be the only one with a driverless car there. This might cause some confusion among your fellow drivers, causing congestion, or worse, accidents.

Driverless cars are hackable

Terrorists will surely see this as an opportunity to invade your privacy, or worse: use your driverless vehicle as a bomb.

Whose fault is it?

Traffic laws were designed with human drivers in mind. Let’s say you have a toddler, and he/she suddenly runs to the middle of the road. Let’s say a driverless car happens to pass by, and then it malfunctions. It runs over your toddler, and your toddler dies. So whose fault is it? Re-writing traffic laws for the driverless cars can take decades. Meanwhile, Tesla’s Model 3 is coming out within the year.

Driverless cars will put many people out of work

Imagine if every car in the world was replaced with a driverless car. Transportation would become easier – safer, even. But imagine all the taxi drivers, Uber drivers, and truck drivers of the world. That’s not to mention the people who drive ambulances, tow truck operators, traffic police – the list goes on.

They would all be considered obsolete, putting them all out of employment. Not only is this inhumane, but it will also do so much damage to our economy. Driverless cars may be exciting, and they may represent the future – but at what cost?

Car Security: Keep Your Car Safe From Theft

Car-Security-SystemAutomotive alarms remain the most important theft deterrent. Ensure you cover the important first step in the direction of increase your car’s overall safety. It’s also possible to enhance your car safety by ensuring your automobile is parked in a locked storage overnight or off the road in a driveway.

One other security devices put in on cars to increase its security in opposition to thieves are immobilizing units. The colour of your automobile can increase the cost of your insurance. It’s also doable to increase the excess on your coverage to scale back your monthly premiums.

There was a gentle increase in crime. Increasing the car’s safety should also focus on the risks posed by automotive thieves. Remember that successfully installed and monitored residence safety systems by a professional locksmith can increase the worth of your private home.

With the rising number of car thefts, there is rising awareness about passenger car security systems among finish-users. Code phrases or phrases to confirm identification can be utilized to increase safety. Once more, it’s not doable to cowl all of the dangers right here, however by using YouTube or Google and looking out key phrases you may get extra details about rising your safety on-line.

The passenger automotive safety programs market report also presents the seller panorama and a corresponding detailed evaluation of the top six distributors out there. That is serving to end-customers in selecting appropriate passenger automotive security methods.

With an increase in the manufacturing and gross sales of autos worldwide, instances of automotive theft or hijacking are on the rise. The driver also needs to expect and be prepared for a ten to twenty percent increase in gas consumption when towing. Consultants in the field of security urge drivers and homeowners to be vigilant and to do not forget that set up of a satellite safety advanced on a car will significantly improve its security.

As fashionable automobile immobilisers and alarm techniques have improved vehicle safety, offenders are targeting homes in search of car keys.

Notion of security can improve objective safety when it affects or deters malicious behaviour, as with visual indicators of safety protections, similar to video surveillance, alarm systems in a house, or an anti-theft system in a automobile equivalent to a automobile tracking system or warning sign Since some intruders will determine to not attempt to interrupt into such areas or vehicles, there can actually be less harm to home windows along with safety of priceless objects inside.

New Year and More Car Crashes..

Well Happy New Year to you all. A little late I know. But what can I say… I’ve been busy. Enjoying the festivities with my family and friends. I mean what else is a man supposed to do over the silly season.

Sure the whole gift giving and spending time with those you care about it great. Even packed on a few extra kilos with all the food and grog that was drunk over the last couple of months. But hey. It was worth it I reckon..

Anyways back to today’s post.

Now I know that the news channels always seem to talk about the worst events that have occurred during the day. Serioulsy! When was the last time you heard the news stations talking about all the good that happened in the days events. No! Just misery and disasters.

So what do you think I saw on the telly when I turned it on just after the holiday season? Yep you guessed it. Road Tolls. And low and behold the numbers had increased from last year.

Wrecked car

Now I know that the population is increasing and all. So what they should really report on is what is the percentage of road deaths due to car crashes compared to the number of cars on the road. You see I have a theory that the percentage of car accidents is not actually increasing. Heck it could even be decreasing but as our population grows there are more people on the road hence more car crashes.

Now I would love for car crashes to be eliminated altogether but we don’t live in a perfect world, so you just need to face the facts that it ain’t gonna happen. Instead we need to just accept the fact that there will always be car crashes and deaths on our roads. Holiday season or not. Drink driving or not. I mean, when are they gonna start having a system to check if a driver is too tired to drive. They don’t!

So anyway that is my rant for today. Take care out there people. There are car crashes everyday so make you are not the one responsible and watch out for the looney drivers who shouldn’t be on the roads!

Limo – The Safest Way to Travel To and From the Airport

Ok, so I know that I really don’t trust airport security as explained in my last post. But there are times when you need to catch a flight. Going overseas for instance.

In most cases no other mode of transport will do. You need to fly. But getting to and from the airport presents a few options.

Now I know that you could choose a taxi, shuttle bus, get a lift off a friend or family or drive yourself. However if you drive yourself you need to leave the car at the airport parking. Not a safe option if you ask me. Thieves know that cars are left in those long stay car parks for weeks at a time so they present easy targets.

Getting a lift off a trusted friend or family member may be the best option for you however this is not always an available option. Especially if you are visiting a new city or your friends and family are caught up with other commitments.

As for a taxi or shuttle bus I just have my concerns with some of the operators of these vehicles. For one they are normally working long hours and may be fatigued, not the safest option for you.

By far my top choice for an airport transfer is a limo. A limo can be anything from a sophisticate sedan to a stretch limousine. The companies operating limo airport transfers are normally reputable and reliable. Also I have not met a chauffeur that is not honest, committed and dedicated to his work that I would not trust. I believe this is by far the safest way to travel either to or from the airport.

Airport Transfer

Once you get to the airport you are on your own. Make sure you choose a reliable company to fly with. I will cover more on that later.

Are Cars Really That Safe?

Smashed Ford Laser

They don’t make cars like they used to. In fact they don’t make anything like they used to. Now I am not a whinger and I don’t complain about things often but back in the old days things were built to last.

Just look at old tools, toys and machinery. You could purchase something and it would last your lifetime. Nowadays we have turned into a consumable society. Things are built with a short life span so that after a little bit if use it stops working properly and you need to buy a new one.

Even with product warranties, I cant remember how many times I have ran into the issue of an item breaking down just after the warranty period. Its like they have a program built into the device to trigger a self destruct sequence just after the warranty period expires!

So what has this got to do with the safety of cars you may ask?

Well simple. Cars back in the day were built to last. They were built with sold metal parts and this surely improved their safety. Think about it. The cars of today are made from flimsy sheet metal and soft plastics that you can dent if you push them to hard. Even breaking the plastics with your own force is too easy. Not like back in the day. Those cars were built solid and strong. There was nothing damaging those cars. If you hit something with your car it would break. Not the car. Todays cars are just flimsy.

Back in the day if you ever rolled your car the solid frame work would hold together – because it was built to last. Nowadays they have to put all these airbags in the cars to give you impression that if you crash it will be falling into a bed of clouds. Ha! What a joke! Have you seen those crash test dummies in a studio crash? When the cars of today crash the panels hiding the air bags pop off with so much force that they can easily break noses and possibly even fracture skulls. Is that really safe?

Also I love it how all of these soccer mums are choosing to drive these big 4WDs. They think that if they have a big 4WD they will be safer. They see themselves as being higher on the road than all the other cars and they think that will give them the advantage. But I tell you what. They have no idea that there biggest enemy on the road is the smallest cars.

Those cars that are so low to the ground can actually do real damage to the safety of people in 4WDs. Why? Simply because the 4WDs are so high up and the low to the ground cars can driver right underneath the large 4 wheelers.

Picture this: A small sports car with its low profile and aerodynamics is coming around a corner. A large 4WD is coming the opposite direction and the road is windy. There is a blind corner and as they come around the sports car crosses over the road on the side of the oncoming 4WD. The sports car effectively goes diagonal under the 4WD starting at the front passenger side. Because the sports car is so low to the ground the wheel of the 4WD actually drives over the bonnet and then continues over the main cabin. This lifts the 4WD up and can actually flip it over! So much for being the safest car on the road! All those soccer mums think that because they are in the larger car they can win in any accident but little do they no these low profile small cars can get right underneath them and their destructive bull bars.

Well I went on a bit of a rant just then but I hope you see my point. The reality of car safety these days is clouded. Sure I may be set in my ways of thinking everything back in the day is best. I mean things were built to last. And I hate to put trust in a car that I can damage just by leaning on it.

Plus the airbag nose breakers are not ideal. There is definitely some work they need to do to improve that safety feature. And as for the 4WDs. Well lets just say unless you are buying them to go 4 wheeling in the sand dunes you are wasting your money. they are not the safest car for the city – no matter how many soccer mums buy them.