Why Air Bags Are Important and how They Work

In the past, there have been a massive recall of vehicles for failed parts. Airbags are an imperative part of the car as they help in case of a huge impact. This is one reason that has seen a recall of cars especially when they have botched inflators. An airbag enhances car safety that is the reason it must be properly functional. Statistics show that many people get seriously injured while others die when airbags fail to deploy. 

How they Work

In case of an impact and the airbag is deployed, it should deflate by the time it hits your head. If it fails, the injury will be immense as it could break your neck and in worst scenarios, you lose your life. Since it’s possible for the airbag to get supple when it’s still inside the dashboard, manufacturers use talcum powder and cornstarch. Alternatively, they use silicone coatings.

For them to be effective, they inflate fast in case of collision and also deflate quite fast. This lowers the effect of the impact protecting not only your face and head, but also the neck.

What Leads to Death When Airbags Deploy

An airbag could fail to deploy or when it deploys, it releases shrapnel with as much force as they inflate. This is what does the deadly damage. The force they come with, they penetrate the skin deep and the victim experiences internal damages. They could bleed to death as a result. It is said that when you look at the victim, they will appear as if they have been shot or stabbed repeatedly. 

What to Keep in Mind

It is important to note that airbags should not be a safety belt replacement. It’s easy to think that you are safe as long as the car is new and airbags are in place. Not all impacts will have the airbag deployed. Thus, it’s important that you have your safety belt on regardless of how short the driving distance is or there are no other cars on the road.

Airbags are crucial in every car as they enhance safety particularly in case of a head-on collision or a bad accident. They protect the neck, the forehead and the chest. For them to function properly, they should deploy with ease, inflate and deflate fast. This is the effectiveness that saves those in the front of the car.

How Different Weather Conditions Affect Safety on the Road and how to Keep Safe?

The earth experiences varying weather conditions. Sometimes it gets extremely cold or hot when other times the weather is just perfect for anything. Extreme weather conditions affect driving in different ways and due to this, it’s always important to drive safely. Take the necessary safety precautions not only for yourself but for other drivers.

Snow Causes Slippage

One of the most common dangers of snow is that roads get slippery. It’s worse when the tires have wear and tear or they are not in good condition. It’s paramount that you know your brakes, drive moderately and at the recommended speed and don’t power up hills. These are just small measures that will not compromise your safety while driving in snow.

Heavy Rains Affects Visibility

Heavy rains are a safety hazard not only at night but also during the day. It gets extremely dark and a challenge for the driver to see ahead despite the headlights being on. To avoid accidents that may result from this, it’s advisable to have wipers that are functioning properly the same as the lights including headlights, fog lights, and indicators.

Extreme Heats can lead to Overheating

Always ensure that the car has enough coolant especially when it’s hot. You do not want your car to overheat in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes it’s bad to a point that the engine seems to be burning and it also damages the components. Sufficient coolant will prevent this from happening.

Strong Winds are Dangerous

Strong winds are dangerous to your car especially when on the road. They can knock the car off and even blow off its roof. This is one reason you should ensure that its structural integrity is in check. One way to do so is to make sure that the windscreen is properly installed and repaired whenever it has a damaged or replaced if it’s irreparable.

Fog Impairs Visibility

Visibility is paramount when driving and if you can’t see a few meters ahead of you, then you should not be driving. Fog is common during the cold season, in cold areas or where rain is common. This is why cars have fog lights. Ensure they are working properly at all times. 

Knowing that different weather conditions affect your driving differently, it’s crucial to know how you can enhance safety. This basically means that the car should always be in perfect working condition. Whether it is the engine, the lights, the windscreen or the tires, all its components should be in good condition.

Tips to Keep Your Kids Restrained Safely While Driving

Unforeseen accidents on the roads can leave anyone frustrated, injured and even lead to loss of lives. Before any parent or adult driving kids can start their journey, they should ensure that the little ones are safely restrained. By doing this, you will be reducing the effects of sudden impacts. 

What Does Restraining Mean?

Restraining does not mean warning kids against moving or touching things while you are driving. It means they have their safety belts on or they are in their child seats and they are not in a position to interfere with the driving which could distract the driver. 

Ways that Kids can be restrained

Besides seat belts which are meant for kids that are not very young, a child seat should be used. There is no limitation on these seat variations out there. Whether your baby is big or small in size, they can get a seat that will safely restrain them as you drive. Don’t just buy a child seat by estimating the size of your child, go with them to the store and find the ideal seat. 

  • Ensure Child Locks Are on

Cars come with an inbuilt child door lock. With this, no one will be able to open the door from inside the car. This is extremely important considering that kids are adventurous and they could open the door while the car is moving. You cannot imagine how it would be if this was to happen. 

  • Use Booster Cushions

Besides touching things in the car, kids will want to see the outside of the car. This can prevent them from sitting calmly in their car seats especially when they are small in size. In such a case, booster cushions can help as they will lift them up so they can see outside the window. It’s important you keep them busy

What to do After the Kids are secured

Once the kids are restrained with child seats, it’s good that you keep them occupied. Otherwise if they are too young, they might keep crying which will distract you. They can carry their toys with them, play games or even watch cartoons. This will keep them busy and being restrained will not make them uncomfortable. 

Restraining your kid with a child seat or a seat belt will help in case of an impact. It is the least you can do while on the road. It helps to play your role since the roads can be quite unpredictable.

Things to Keep in Mind before Tuning Your Car

If you are an enthusiastic driver, you could be considering tuning your car. May be you are looking for extra performance and engine efficiency and the good thing is with proper tuning, this is possible. The scopes to boost the performance of your car has improved in a significant way over the time. Improving engine efficiency is easier now.

Understand Why you Need Car Tuning

There is something that you want to achieve with car tuning. This is a process that brings changes to the performance of your car. Acceleration, turning and deceleration will be adjusted. It’s important that you understand what to expect. Talk to the technician about your needs, to ensure that the right parts are fitted. Your safety should not be compromised in the process. With improved engine torque and overall driving conditions, you will be enjoying driving more.

Why it is Important the Car Tuning Process is Conducted by an Expert

As you are looking to improve the performance of your car, it should be done so safely. There is no point in increasing performance when safety is not a priority. If it’s not done properly, it could lead to car imbalance which risks your safety.

Factors to Consider Before you invest in Car Tuning

There will be changes in your car such as noticeable inadequacies in suspension or braking. The most important thing is ensuring balance while tuning. This is the reason the tuning should be done by an expert.

  • Ensure the tuning company offers insurance. There are many car tuning companies out there just like there are many tuning software. A reputable company should give you insurance before they can start tuning the car. This assures you that if things do not go as expected during the process, you are covered. The company should also have the reputation of offering great after-sales services.
  • Ensure that the car is in good condition. Tuning your car when it is in a poor could compromise your safety and that of other drivers on the road. Get a qualified mechanic to check the tires, the engine and suspension among other crucial parts. If any issues are identified, they should be fixed first before the tuning to enhance safety.
  • Understand what to expect and the effects. It’s advisable that you do no start the car tuning process unless you are ready for the changes. Some of the processes are irreversible that is why you should make up your mind only when you have the facts.

As you prepare to tune your car, you perhaps have things that you do not understand. As you do your research, you should ask the technician any appropriate questions that you may have. Take your car to them so that they can assess it. If you suspect that they are unreliable or they seem to make questionable claims, do not work with them. A good technician listens to you, understands what you need and advises you accordingly.

Enhancing Kid’s Safety When Driving

Kids are curious while parents can ignore small things that make a huge difference. Auto injuries and deaths in kids have been reported globally. One most significant way to enhance kid’s safety is ensuring they are secured to their seats. Whether it’s by use of a safety belt or a car seat, they should be secured.

Learn How to Use a Car Seat

There are instructions on how a booster or car seat should be used. Every manufacturer will give a leaflet for every seat bought. It is important that you learn how to fix the car seat on the seat and secure your child safely.

In addition to this, you should buy the right car seat. They are categorized by age groups and weight. Use the most ideal seat and be sure of how to install it. If it is done incorrectly, it can jeopardize the safety of your little ones. 

Do not drink and Drive

Driving while intoxicated is a huge risk not only to your kids, but to other people on the road. This is one reason there are crack downs on the roads across the globe. It could be that you will forget taking all the necessary safety measures or your will drive carelessly. 

Keep Them Away from Airbags

Airbags are meant to enhance safety in case of an accident but they can be a danger to your little ones. The best place for your kids to sit is in the rear seat. If they cannot sit on the rear seat, get a rear-facing car seat. If involved in a car crash whereby the airbag is inflated, it can harm the child and in worse scenarios cause death.

Do not Leave Your Little Ones in the Car

Leaving your kids in the car unattended is a huge risk. They are curious and will play with every button on the dashboard. Playing with air condition can lead to dangerous temperatures in the car and this can lead to death. They can also start the car and even lead to crashes.

Another danger in leaving them in the car is getting into the trunk and locking themselves in.  If the kids are not attended to, let them accompany you as you run your errands.Kids are curious and will explore anything they can. When driving, you should secure them to their seats and try to avoid the front seat as much as possible. This will be of significant help in case of a collision.

Attributes of a Good Car Locksmith

You are in a situation where you cannot drive your car. Not because it has mechanical issues, but because you cannot trace your car keys. Whether it’s the key that has issues or you lost it, this should not worry you as long as you have a local locksmith that is reliable. 



What To Look For in a Locksmith


Just like any other professional, a locksmith should have attributes that you should look for. You want to work with a reliable person who will be available when you need them. 


  • A Locksmith Should be Honest 


Probably you have been in a situation where a service provider gave you a quote over the phone but when they came to provide their services, you were slapped with a bill that does not match the initial quote given.

Services pricing can surprise you when working with a  rogue locksmith and that is one reason you should look for an honest one. They should give you the total cost before offering you their services and this should be after assessing the work at hand. 

  • Should Have Sufficient Expertise 


Imagine working with a car locksmith who you expect to fix the problem only to find out they damaged you door or ignition! This would be more disappointing than the lockout itself. This is the reason you should ensure that your locksmith has sufficient skills to handle your problem. 


  • They Should be Insured And Bonded


At times, the unexpected can happen. The lock could be damaged or a key breaks in the ignition among other things. You want to be sure that you will not spend your hard earned money to fix issues caused by the serviceman. That is the reason your locksmith should not only be licensed but should be bonded and insured. 

  • Should be Readily Available 


A car lockout is unpredictable, you never know when it will happen. You want an assurance that whenever it happens, you get the help that you desperately need. Your locksmith should be available round the clock and should arrive on time whenever called upon. 


  • Should be well Equipped 


Besides the locksmith having sufficient expertise, they should be well equipped with the necessary tools and equipment needed for the job. They should not only be able to duplicate your keys, but also program smart keys and new fobs. 


Just because you had a car lockout in the wee hours of the morning or during the weekend does not mean that you cannot get this fixed. It does not matter the style of a key that is needed, a reliable locksmith will take care of it. It’s important that they handle this as an emergency because it actually is. 

How to keep your car organized and clean

Keeping your car clean can be very difficult especially if you have a very busy routine. If you have kids, keeping your car clean will be a lot more difficult. If your car is dirty, insects and other organisms might take refuge in your car.

In this article, we are going to be looking at how you can keep your car always neat.

Wipe dusty surfaces

Make it your routine to wipe dusty surfaces in your car. You can choose to use auto wipes which are loaded with chemicals that make cleaning easier. One issue a lot of car owners have with auto wipes is that they are very expensive. A good alternative to auto wipes is baby wipes. Baby wipes are very cheap and can clean up dusty surfaces easily.

Cleaning your carpet

If you look down at the floors in a lot of cars, you are likely to find food remains and sand. In other to get rid of them, you have to first remove the mat in your car and run a vacuum cleaner over the area of your carpet that is covered with dirt. Of course, you can vacuum other areas of your car like your trunk and seats.

Monthly maintenance

A car can never clean itself. Set aside a day monthly to remove trash and unwanted items from your car and wipe down all the surface of your car that is covered with dust. Of course, you don’t have to wait for an entire month before cleaning your car. Rather you can make cleaning your care part of your daily routine.


Take care of your cup holders

Many car owners take little or no care for their cup holders. But you don’t have to be like them. What you should do is to dip a cloth into a cleaning solution and use the cloth to clean spills inside your cup holders.

Get a trash can

Get something that you can throw trash in to. You have the option of using a plastic bag, a fancy auto trash can or a recycled container. Do well to inspect your trash can before putting it in your car.

Use organizer

Finding organizers can be very easy. One reason why you need them is that they can help you in keeping your vehicle well stocked with food and other important things you may want.

If you apply the tips listed in this article, your car will remain clean and organized.

Easy way to make your car last longer

Every driver knows the importance of changing the oil in their car on a regular basis. In order, for your car to last long, you have to maintain it. Maintaining your car involves replacing worn out pads and cleaning or replacing clogged filters.

Often there are warning signs that notify you that something is wrong. But there are still some things that you are doing or failing to do is that is affecting your engine negatively.

In this article, we are going to be looking at certain things you could do to make your car last longer.

  1. Keep it always clean

The reason why you wash your car is not limited to making it look nice and presentable. New research has shown that when you wash your car, you not only remove dirt but other contaminants that cause corrosion (rusting).

During the winter season, you should create time to wash your car because salt on the road can eat holes into the metal parts of your car.

  1. Lighten up

Using your car to carry heavy loads is not a really a good idea. You see, the more load your car carries, the harder it will be for your breaks, engine, and suspension to work properly. Every car is designed to carry a specific amount of weight. If you exceed the maximum weight of your car, you are indirectly straining your car.

  1. Start slow

Take things slow especially in the mornings. When you drive your car immediately after starting it there is a high chance that there are going to be friction within engine parts. What you should do therefore is to let your car stay idle for about a minute so as to allow oil flow through your engine.

  1. Change filters on a regular basis

Make it your routine to always check your oil filter so as to see if they have been clogged and need to be renewed. One tip that could help you here is to replace your filter after during your schedule monthly car maintenance schedule.

  1. Drive smoothly

Driving smoothly will reduce the likely hood of your car to wear and tear. Even more, driving smoothly will improve the overall performance of your car and ultimately make it last longer.

Final note

There a lot of things you can do to make your car last longer. If you apply the tips in this article, your car will serve you for a long time.

The Top 5 Causes of Vehicle Rollovers

A rollover is one of the most dangerous consequences of a car accident. When a vehicle rolls over off the road, into a ditch, or onto the property, you and people around you can be in serious danger. When a rollover happens, your concern should be with the safety of all individuals not involved, not what will happen to your vehicle. Let a towing service take care of that part.

It would be wise for all drivers to know the causes of rollovers. These are some of the top reasons that a vehicle may roll over.

Vehicle Model

Every type of vehicle is in danger of rolling over. However, certain vehicles have a much higher risk. SUVs and vans tend to be top-heavy, which means that they carry a large amount of weight above the center of the vehicle. This can make them more likely to roll over when making a hard turn, driving too fast, or being involved in a crash.

Dangerous Speeds

According to the US Department of Transportation, 40 percent of fatal vehicle rollovers can be attributed to excessive speeding. Driving above the speed limit might seem like a good idea if you are in a hurry, but it puts your life at serious risk. Remember that just because you are driving safely, you cannot rule out an accident. Another driver’s error can be fatal to you if you are speeding.

Driving under the Influence

When you drive under the influence of alcohol, your coordination, reflexes, vision, and overall sense of judgment will be limited. This is even true if you have consumed a small amount of alcohol. Those who can be considered intoxicated are at much greater risk of being in a rollover crash or causing other drivers to roll over.

Road Conditions

If you are driving in wet, dirty, or messy roads, you can be more likely to lose control of your vehicle and roll over. Icy conditions are responsible for a large number of rollover crashes. Drive with extreme caution in harsh weather and try to avoid driving at all if heavy rains or ice are on the road. Be aware that hazards like potholes or garbage on the road can also cause you to lose control.

Absence of Barriers

Rural roads are the sites of the majority of rollover accidents. This is because rural roads do not have dividers or barriers on the road. While these barriers may seem like they are purely for appearance, they are effective in preventing rollovers. This is because your vehicle will hit the barrier and stop, rather than continuing off the road or rolling over.

Be aware of these 5 common causes of rollover crashes. Remember that other people’s behavior can be responsible for your vehicle rolling over. Drive defensively, be cautious, and be sure to have contact information for you tow truck in case your vehicle needs to be recovered from an accident site.

Discover How Safe/Unsafe Driverless Cars Really Are

The future is certainly upon us.

Tesla is about to release the Model 3 to the masses, their latest model of self-driving cars. This model will be armed with Tesla’s Autopilot semi-self-driving technology. When it was first unveiled, the forward-thinking American automaker company was confident enough to say that they expect the model to get a five-star rating in all of NHTSA’s safety categories. They have a reason for this confidence since their past models, the Model S and Model X, scored the same.

But as history, film, and literature have taught us over the years, technological advances do not always equal utmost safety. The vehicle may get a reassuring five-star rating, but who’s to say that it will never malfunction? Keep in mind, you’re practically submitting your life to a machine.

To give you an idea of how risky driverless cars can be, here are some of the risks of having them on our roads:

Caution Autonomous CarDriverless cars may not be as technologically-advanced as we think.

MIT professor John Leonard argues that, as hi-tech as driverless cars can be, there are still certain aspects of driving (heavy traffic, dangerous weather, hand gestures, unusual road surfaces and so on) that driverless cars can’t pick up on. With that in mind, having a car on the road with human drivers can lead to accidents.

Driverless cars won’t mix well with human drivers

Driverless cars can be taught to at least handle human drivers – it’s human drivers who won’t be equipped to handle driverless cars. With the technology they possess, driverless cars are extremely expensive. That means if you own one and you drive it out to a highway, you’re going to be the only one with a driverless car there. This might cause some confusion among your fellow drivers, causing congestion, or worse, accidents.

Driverless cars are hackable

Terrorists will surely see this as an opportunity to invade your privacy, or worse: use your driverless vehicle as a bomb.

Whose fault is it?

Traffic laws were designed with human drivers in mind. Let’s say you have a toddler, and he/she suddenly runs to the middle of the road. Let’s say a driverless car happens to pass by, and then it malfunctions. It runs over your toddler, and your toddler dies. So whose fault is it? Re-writing traffic laws for the driverless cars can take decades. Meanwhile, Tesla’s Model 3 is coming out within the year.

Driverless cars will put many people out of work

Imagine if every car in the world was replaced with a driverless car. Transportation would become easier – safer, even. But imagine all the taxi drivers, Uber drivers, and truck drivers of the world. That’s not to mention the people who drive ambulances, tow truck operators, traffic police – the list goes on.

They would all be considered obsolete, putting them all out of employment. Not only is this inhumane, but it will also do so much damage to our economy. Driverless cars may be exciting, and they may represent the future – but at what cost?