What You Don’t Know About Airport Security

How often do you fly? Not that much? Me Neither.

Well, I used to travel a fair bit back in the day when Ansett Australia was still around and Qantas was the most popular airline in  Australian. But these days it seems like any 2 bit company can enter the airways.

I remember when all the new kid plane companies came onto the block and started lowering Australia’s flight prices. First everyone was like “yeah this is great”. I mean, who wouldn’t be happy about cheaper flights? Some flight prices were slashed from a couple hundred dollars to around 50 bucks. That was a huge deal when it was first introduces. And it still is now.

I even remember getting on a flight from Sydney to Brisbane for $29. I couldn’t believe it. But when I got on the flight I realised why.There was no leg room at all. I’m not a big guy but my knees where hitting the seat in front of me. I guess that is what you get when you pay for a flight at the cost of transporting luggage!

So anyway I think it is all these lowering costs on the flights that have caused airport security to become super relaxed.

Sure back a few years ago when the September 11 debacle happened and the 2 world trade centres were attacked everyone was on high alert. Airport security went through the roof back then. You couldn’t even fart in line without the security giving you a good frisk and bag search.

airport security check

But now I reckon it has gone all backwards and even more relaxed than before. Don’t even get me started on the Schapelle Corby incident. All that chick did was check in her bags in for a nice relaxing holiday in Bali and when she arrived someone had stuffed heaps of illegal marijuana into her bag. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that you would never take drugs into those countries. For 1 everything is cheaper in those Asian countries, and 2 – they have death penalties for drugs over there. So why the hell would you smuggle drugs into that country at all? Its pretty crazy but I reckon its an airport security breakdown that caused that to happen. Probably someone on the inside.

If you ask me airport security is no good. And it sure is not consistent. I would much rather drive somewhere in a car or even catch a bus or train. It is much safer.

When you are driving, at least you are in control and you can keep the car safe.