The Top 5 Causes of Vehicle Rollovers

A rollover is one of the most dangerous consequences of a car accident. When a vehicle rolls over off the road, into a ditch, or onto the property, you and people around you can be in serious danger. When a rollover happens, your concern should be with the safety of all individuals not involved, not what will happen to your vehicle. Let a towing service take care of that part.

It would be wise for all drivers to know the causes of rollovers. These are some of the top reasons that a vehicle may roll over.

Vehicle Model

Every type of vehicle is in danger of rolling over. However, certain vehicles have a much higher risk. SUVs and vans tend to be top-heavy, which means that they carry a large amount of weight above the center of the vehicle. This can make them more likely to roll over when making a hard turn, driving too fast, or being involved in a crash.

Dangerous Speeds

According to the US Department of Transportation, 40 percent of fatal vehicle rollovers can be attributed to excessive speeding. Driving above the speed limit might seem like a good idea if you are in a hurry, but it puts your life at serious risk. Remember that just because you are driving safely, you cannot rule out an accident. Another driver’s error can be fatal to you if you are speeding.

Driving under the Influence

When you drive under the influence of alcohol, your coordination, reflexes, vision, and overall sense of judgment will be limited. This is even true if you have consumed a small amount of alcohol. Those who can be considered intoxicated are at much greater risk of being in a rollover crash or causing other drivers to roll over.

Road Conditions

If you are driving in wet, dirty, or messy roads, you can be more likely to lose control of your vehicle and roll over. Icy conditions are responsible for a large number of rollover crashes. Drive with extreme caution in harsh weather and try to avoid driving at all if heavy rains or ice are on the road. Be aware that hazards like potholes or garbage on the road can also cause you to lose control.

Absence of Barriers

Rural roads are the sites of the majority of rollover accidents. This is because rural roads do not have dividers or barriers on the road. While these barriers may seem like they are purely for appearance, they are effective in preventing rollovers. This is because your vehicle will hit the barrier and stop, rather than continuing off the road or rolling over.

Be aware of these 5 common causes of rollover crashes. Remember that other people’s behavior can be responsible for your vehicle rolling over. Drive defensively, be cautious, and be sure to have contact information for you tow truck in case your vehicle needs to be recovered from an accident site.