How to keep your car organized and clean

Keeping your car clean can be very difficult especially if you have a very busy routine. If you have kids, keeping your car clean will be a lot more difficult. If your car is dirty, insects and other organisms might take refuge in your car.

In this article, we are going to be looking at how you can keep your car always neat.

Wipe dusty surfaces

Make it your routine to wipe dusty surfaces in your car. You can choose to use auto wipes which are loaded with chemicals that make cleaning easier. One issue a lot of car owners have with auto wipes is that they are very expensive. A good alternative to auto wipes is baby wipes. Baby wipes are very cheap and can clean up dusty surfaces easily.

Cleaning your carpet

If you look down at the floors in a lot of cars, you are likely to find food remains and sand. In other to get rid of them, you have to first remove the mat in your car and run a vacuum cleaner over the area of your carpet that is covered with dirt. Of course, you can vacuum other areas of your car like your trunk and seats.

Monthly maintenance

A car can never clean itself. Set aside a day monthly to remove trash and unwanted items from your car and wipe down all the surface of your car that is covered with dust. Of course, you don’t have to wait for an entire month before cleaning your car. Rather you can make cleaning your care part of your daily routine.


Take care of your cup holders

Many car owners take little or no care for their cup holders. But you don’t have to be like them. What you should do is to dip a cloth into a cleaning solution and use the cloth to clean spills inside your cup holders.

Get a trash can

Get something that you can throw trash in to. You have the option of using a plastic bag, a fancy auto trash can or a recycled container. Do well to inspect your trash can before putting it in your car.

Use organizer

Finding organizers can be very easy. One reason why you need them is that they can help you in keeping your vehicle well stocked with food and other important things you may want.

If you apply the tips listed in this article, your car will remain clean and organized.